Question on Fertility Magic

Early this morning as I was slowly waking up I had a thought about a long term antagonist who over the course of a game discovers the secrets of fertility rituals from Ancient Magic and uses these rituals to create a cadre of servants/story hooks for the PC's.

Here is the game mechanics quandry: In what circumstances should a fertility ritual serve to supply a similar spells bonus for developing another fertility ritual? I'd be tempted to say all of the time. (Does the text have anything to say on the subject? I didn't have a chance to check.)

from the little i remember about them they didn't seem that hard if you knew what you were doing, the real problem was the time involved since each had to be custom made for the target.

But I'd say that granting a virtue/flaw vs the gift or the other options available each would be considered a different effect. So if it ever came up for me I may rule that you only get the bonus for doing the same effect.
So if you had made one granting the gift, it would count if making a second ritual to grant the gift but not to grant a virtue.

...hope i made sense with out rambling to much...

A quick read shows me that there is no spell created at all (although a lab text is created that can be used by someone else). The whole shebang is typically just pulled from the caster's Creo Corpus lab total, the idea of similar spells is not applicable.