Questions about charged items

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A labtext mean that if your labtotal exceed the level desired, you can create it in 1 second (whereas if you haven't the labtext, you need to accumulate as many points as the level of the effect => so if doing it in 1 season, you need a labtotal equal to 2x level).

But in case of charged items, you have to exceed the level by minimum 1 point. Then for 5 points you exceed it, you gain 1 charge.

What does add the labtexts in charged items cases?

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You get one charge per 5 points lab total instead of per 5 points over the level.

Say that you have a lab-total of 23 and you create a charged item with a level
of 20. This will give you a charged item with 1 charge.

If you create another item from the lab-text, you will now get an item with
5 charges (23/5 rounded up). This makes some items more practical like
a spell with a low effect but high penetration which you want to cast several
times (e.g. DEO).

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And for my complete information, source?
Edit : ok i have got it p102 :slight_smile: