Questions about shapeshifting spells

It's that.

bemol: you could need penetration to turn yourself if you are, for example, under a parma restricta effect...

Thanks, again for the comments.
I agee with the constant bonus making the virtue more flexible in terms of which characters could choose it. But maybe it is not neccessary. I'll check with my Troupe whether 'a +9 bonus', or 'a doubled lowest applicable art' sounds best to them.
Since i agree with the MR being an issue, but don't really want to boost Shapechanging in general I'll make a limiting wording in the bonus. I don't want to make people capable of spont. casting these spells without spending fatigue, or make it easier turning yourself into a Dragon. So the bonus applies only to Penetration totals when considering whether the Shapechanged character penetrates Magic Resistance or not.