Questions about spells

tvjunkie gave me a great idea with his breath stealing spell.

My character is a creepy necromancer and auram is not his thing. Blood however, is. So i made this spell.

Tenebrous’ Bloody Hand
ReCo30 (Pe)
Tenebrous developed this spell for use against enemy mages. It draws a small amount of their blood from their veins and teleports it onto his hand. This causes no damage as such but can be felt. Tenebrous’ hand becomes coated in a shiny layer of gore. Although highly disturbing, its true purpose is to acquire an arcane connection from the enemy.
(Base 15, +2 Voice, +1 Part)

Only problem is that at lvl 30, its rather hard to get past the targets parma in the first place, rather destroying the function of the spell.

Does this spell seem reasonable and can you think of any ways to make it lower level? The only thing i could thing of was to use The wound that Weeps to get the enemy bleeding on the ground lots (as the spell description specifically mentions that the wound, although only light, bleeds profusely) and then teleporting it from there. This would avoid having to teleport bodily fluids through someones parma.

Thoughts? comments?

Option two here seems more reasonable considering wound that weeps ois only level 15. If you look at the perdo corpus guidlines there is the level 3 guidline "do superficual damage to a body" I think extracting ~30ml of blood would qualify as superficial damage. Then rego you blood sample arcane connection to yourself later (perhaps with a fast cast mastered spell you could do this within the same round as the blood extraction spell as a reaction to the blood falling upon the ground)

Base 3 +2 range voice, duration momentary, target individual = level 5