Questions about the Magic Realm

I really like the ideas presented in RoP: Magic about the Magic Realm, although I have some questions about it, and would that someone could clarify it for me.
Well, I understand that the Magic Realms consists of many different areas, and these are surrounded by Boundaries. But could an area in the Magic Realm consist of several Boundaries bordering to each other, or do you have to step through a Boundary or into a Vestige and into the Twilight Void to even cross over to another area?
Hmm.. I'm confusing myself with my own question here, so let me use an example:

For some reason, the Magi find themselves in a Herbam Boundary similar to the jungles of Africa, which will seem strange and wonderful to them. Plants dominate in this area, although animals exists here in abundance too. The Magi travel through this landscape until the jungles give way to the savannas, where the King of the Beasts live and rule a huge Animal Boundary.

So, my question would be if the Magi in this example will have to go through the Twilight Void to cross over? Or are these two Boundaries connected and therefore in an Arcane Connection? Would the Magi notice the crossing?

Also, can the Magi use the Boundary to cross over to, say, a completely different and unconnected Boundary? Would this drop them into the Twilight Void?



Hmm. Interesting question.

Only the authors can tell, but from what I understand each cosm (to use one term) is surrounded by one boundary. So if the PCs find themselves in a certain cosm, they may find that the boundary of it is an Herbam boundary.

That said, traveling in the cosm itself, they may travel in a savannah (the cosm itself has only Aura 10, and is not a Boundary) and chance onto an Animal vestige, such as the place where the King of Beasts rules.

Passing through either the Boundary or the Vestige will lead them into the Twilight Void, and from it to things related to the cosm or to the vestige.


Sure, I'll do my best. Glad you're enjoying the ideas.

You can walk past the edge of a boundary into another place, certainly. This is like deciding not to step through a regio boundary, but continuing heading in that direction; what happens is uncertain, and depends on the nature of the place.

Imagine your jungle and savannah are on a large island in the middle of a huge ocean. The island has several magic auras, covering each of the different areas, creating sort of a series of places, each very similar in that they are magic and wild, but still different enough that the aura changes slightly when you go from one to the next.

You can walk between the different areas, but you can also swim there, diving through the boundary into the ocean. (The ocean is the Void.) They probably wouldn't do that, since they can see where they are going and it's more dangerous to travel in the Void. You can't jump into the Void unwillingly, unless a power transports you in or an accident hurls you in.

Is the boundary an Arcane Connection to the bordering boundary? Well, yes, I guess so, since it's touching it, and you can see it. But I don't think it would be specifically connected to the next area, the way I imagine it is connected to an analogous place somewhere in Mythic Europe (through which your characters got here) or elsewhere in the Magic Realm. The AC bonus for passing through a boundary or vestige is mostly intended for collector/guides who get a bunch of ACs together to help them navigate, but also so that the storyguide can set up sort of "wormholes" across the Realm and convey the idea that they are covering an incredible distance.

Yes and yes. They're basically jumping into the ocean and swimming in the direction they think land is. If they've never been to where they are going and they have no idea what it looks like, their swim could take a very long time... :wink:

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Another question here. Is the Magic Realm always a reflection of the mundane world in some way, perfected in some way? Or could a place in the Magic Realm be totally different than our world? I get a feeling from reading RoP: Magic that magic itself represents the way things could, and even should be, a template for perfection, which is not achieved in the mundane world. But I'm having some trouble visualizing it for the campaign. But maybe it's not meant to be visualized? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I 'm not sure if i will answer you correctly, but I am going to try... I have moreover a question also on the magic realm.

As I understand the main ideas, all the realms are divine creations, thus sharing common, but each possessing their peculiarity. Rules are not the same between the various realms. The rules of the "physics" for example. In fact, I have the impression that the Magic Realm is a little the vision which I had of the faerie realm in the previous editions : everything is possible for it and in a certain way supernatural: you can fly in the airs, walk under the water, meet fantastic creatures... Every region would be for me the magic archetype of what we find in the " real world ": the jungle is dense, very green and very alive, the desert is terribly warm, the moderate forest full of flowers and kind animals, the black rocky mountains are oppressive, the marshes full of strange and poisonous creatures, etc.. I think you can build an archetype of each kind of place.

In my case, my question about the magical realm is on time. In the magic realm, time is frozen, but when a character leaves the kingdom, he is overtaken by time ... But would it not possible to choose when you want to return and thus limit the "return time"? None of magic presented seems able to do so. A creature or object could he do this? In faerie, time passes differently ... Does Someone has an idea to do the same for the magic kingdom ? Doing this could cost a lot of course to the character (maybe a flaw like aging quickly or twilight prone or anything else)...

Thanks for answers...