Questions about the Not canonycal parameters

In the core book it said that on Core Rules in page 114 that you can create No Commun parameters with approve of the Group/storyteller in Formulaic Spells, and about the Enchanted items it's said that create a efffect is exatly like a spell, does this mean that you can create a Enchanted item with a no regular parametter? Should you creat a spell before with taht parameter?
The next examples are for that:
"The Bliss of Persephone" CrHe 35
R: Touch, D: Season*, T: Group
That spell make grows health and strong all a crop planted, preventing to sick too. That occurs in the complete season, marked by the enviromental and traditional chages, normally aboaut less that fifteen weeks.
(Base 1, +1 to touch; +4 to season duration, moon +1 to no regular duration; +1 extra effect; +2 to group, +2 size modifier)

  • That spell still being usefull in place to a Year Ritual -
    And then:
    The effect being placed in a charged item with Enviromental Triggering to make: The Ceres's Idol, with sufffcient cahrrges to make it usefull more time that a simple moon duration.
    What do you say?

You can create an enchantment that uses a non-standard parameter.

That being said, I don't see the point of your item as an invested device or a lesser enchanted device in that you could do the job at lower level with duration sun and environmental triggers.

This is a matter of opinion because it isn't in the core book but I'd wager that the printed materials use my methodology in their examples of non-standard spells. The way that levels for a non-standard parameters should be determined is to take the standard parameter that is closest to the new desired parameter but at least a bit harder and then add a magnitude. In the case of your example I'd argue that perhaps another magnitude should be added to make season one magnitude higher than year rather than one magnitude higher than moon (although that does seem a bit harsh, I might not ).

If you'd make the items as charged devices with your calculation you'd get a discount vs. moon. I believe that non-standard stuff should be harder than standard parameters. I'd probably add the additional magnitude.

There's also the discussion regarding whether duration season should require a ritual.

Then there's the idea that if we're really dealing with non-standard stuff there's no requirement that we keep things to even magnitudes how about 3 magnitudes + 3.76 levels?

Ok i get it, but certainly, "Pair" or a group of two in examples of Spells (The Minoic Mspells fro Magi of Hermes) or the excahnge of mind in the core still being no harder, by that rul two is a group, but no regular basis, it should be harder group + 1... a bit too harder.
In times, a season should be three moon or 1/4 for a year, realy is near to the Moon, +1 to make it hard is petty common. A season duration spell in my opinion has the bad side for a year duration (warping, depend in the rest of time resting of that season) and with the same difficulty level, but it's certainly in the side of not be a Ritual. In effotr, you need cast the same spell 4 times to make a ritual effect, and it is simplest, and since it isn't ritual Perdo Vim Effcts shouldn't be so harder.
Thanks by te response.

As far as I read the rules on this, I understood it that you'd use the magnitude (and requirements) for the next higher paramter. I.e. For duration season you'd use year and it would be a ritual spell.
This means that the core parameters are simply the most efficient parameters. Why would you use non-core parameters then? Because sometimes you want a more limited effect. Think of the 'Conjuring the Mystic Tower' spell - it doesn't use the maximum size that could be created with such a spell, but instead creates a tower by the dimentions required by the caster.

You are right, with a minor amendment to this - use the next highest parameter unless you have a Virtue that grants the added parameters. So Faerie Magic non-standard parameters are as good as the standard ones, as are those of Holy Magic, Performance Magic, Sensory Magic, and all the others.

Then it's the correct the season +4, needed to be more high and add a +1 or simply a +4?

If you are going for non canonical, an extra +1 sounds about right.


Ok then, by majority then it's a +5 Season, but it doesn't need a Ritual effect up to 50 Level.
Thanks. Still bieng good to some effects.

The fact that you allow it to be done without it being a ritual will mean that this will become a standard duration in your game. Magically created things that last a season is very useful when travelling without a mage that can create them (i.e. horses). If you have a low vis saga, season is also the most useful duration for non-ritual healing spells (the kind that gives bonuses to recovery). Not to mention the kind you pointed out - fertility spells that don't cost vis.
You allow more to be done without vis, and this may affect your saga considerably.

If you'd want to go by the book, it is season is +4 magnitudes and ritual.

Ok, i see the point...

I thought someone needed to make a minor breakthrough (True Lineages: Original research) to invent a new spell parameter. If magi can do this stuff anyway, why would a bonisagus spend 15 years of his precious life fitting it into hermetic theory?

The game isn't clear on this. The core books implies you can make non-standard parameters as people here have been discussing. But see the Mysteries, which says that you need a Major Virtue and some difficult die rolls to make your durations match astrological events even though those timings are less than the standard durations.