Questions on Profession: scribe

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Coming back to Ars Magica since the 4th edition, I thought that you needed "profession: scribe" to be able to write. But browsing through the rules, I found that you need Scribe only to copy a text, while you apparently don't need it to write an original book, like a lab text, a summa or a tractatus. The only requirement being Speak [Language] at 5. Is that correct? And if it's correct, why do you need Scribe to copy a text and you don't need it when writing an original?

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That is indeed correct.

Profession scribe is needed to make sure you copy exactly what is there and don't add your own embelishments. Copying accurately is very much a different skill from composing an original piece of work even in the real world.


Ah, ok. I see now that Artes Liberales gives the ability to read and write. I seem to remember from the 4th edition that "read" and "write" were two distinct skills.

If memory serves, in the Covenants rules for writing, a Scribe with 6+ in the Ability is required for one point of a text's quality. So an unskilled magus writing a book on his own is going to make a slightly lower quality book, but it's assumed that in fact he's dictating to a scribe, or making notes on a tablet for the scribe to copy, or whatever. I believe a skilled illuminator and bookbinder are required as well.

For the record, nothing is stopping a magus from being one or all of those things for his own books - most just don't consider it worth the time.