Quiet Magic / Range Voice


I have a character in my saga who chosen at character creation the Quiet Magic virtue. He also have a created spell with Voice Range. If he wants to cast this spell with no voice, how can we treat the range? I'm so confused on this, and adding my poor english, I can't reach a solution to this matter. The Quiet Magic virtue says:

"The range of Voice Range spells is determined normally, based on how loud your voice is..." But, ¿if the caster uses no voice? Would the range of the spell fall to personal?

Thanks for all!

PD: Ars Magica rules! My players are poking me constantly to continue the saga!! :smiley:

Yup, range personal. Range Touch if you whisper. This is why it is great to have your spells at voice SIGHT if you have Quiet Magic :slight_smile:



Yep: ArM5, p. 112: "a spell cast silently at this range can only affect the caster".

Yeah. I find myself dearly missing range 'Near', though I can see why the writers chose to eliminate it. Voice is thematically appropriate and also unbroken. I'm thinking 'Near' would be a good minor breakthrough.

I do find that 'Voice' makes many things a bit useless: Quiet Magic, much of Imaginem, and there's no real point in having a linked trigger for an item effect with Voice range.
Sight adds a magnitude and therefore reduces penetration by 5, but it does solve those pesky problems :slight_smile:.

Hey! So quick sodales!

Thanks a lot, i read these lines in p. 112 in the character creation phase of my player, and then we fall in doubt becaus as Quiet Magic is a virtue, one may think the virtue give all its advantadges even in cases when he uses no voice. But now all is clear (oh sorry but my english, this paragraph took me at least 3 minutes to be written ha ha!)

Thanks to all sodales!

Range "Reach" would be interesting. Anything the magus COULD touch, but doesn't wish to.

"Reach" and "Near"...that's going back to 4th ed.

I too play a magus with Quiet Magic x2, and he makes do without using Voice range. Sight, Eye, Touch - they work. Sure, you suffer Penetration-wise. But you can't win them all. He has Flexible Formulaic Magic though, so he can pick and mix the best combos. If it's not imperative to be silent, change from Sight to Voice for an extra 5 Penetration.