I thought it was totally awesome that atlas posted in support of rabbit adoption and hope lots of lucky buns got new homes. I was wondering if anyone wanted to post any pictures of their bunnies? I'd love to see them! Here are pictures of ours.

When he was younger

Several years later =D

Have fun everyone!

What a gorgeous bunny! Looks like a rex, too ... one of our bunnies has really soft fur like a rex, but she's dwarf Netherland-shaped. Thanks for posting!

Haha, yeah he's a rex, and spoiled rotten. Contrary to the last page he hasn't been caged in years. He has his own room in the house in fact.

Those little netherlands bunnies are the cutest!

I could have sworn I posted to this thread yesterday. But, hmm, no message.

Well...all I was going to say was, what an adorable bunny!

And I think I also mentioned that there are a surprising lot of house rabbit owners among gamers out there... Nicole of Green Ronin, for example, just mentioned how she and Chris and Kate adopted a bunny for their home.

Our bunnies have a "cage" in only a loose sense. It's really a big pen, about 4.5 by 3.5 feet made from the wire "Nice Ideas Cubes" panels that you can find at Target. We glued carpet on the top of an really tacky 70s endtable and put it in the pen as a 2nd floor ... and as a way for them to take do their chewing on non-important furniture! The walls of the pen are only about 2.5 feet high, but for some reason their little bunny brains haven't caught on to the fact that they could easily leap it from the top of the endtable. grin They get the run of the TV room when we get home at night, so they probably don't really think of it as being enforced imprisonment.

That is awesome =] When we bought our house the trim and carpet needed to be replaced, so replaced it all except in their room. So he can chew up the tirm and carpet if he wants, but he doesn't seem to be tooo interested in doing that.

Also I've not met many gamers with rabbits, in fact, I've never met another rabbit owner oddly enough. Everyone always acts like it is an exotic pet or something when they seem him. And then he grunts at them and hides between my feet. =]

You should look for a House Rabbit Society chapter in your area ... rabbit.org . It's also a great resource for info on bunny care, behavior, health, etc. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks =D