Raising Primary and Secondary Stats

So I'm not quoting this from the book but from memory. Forgive me if it's not exactly as written. :slight_smile:

So to raise a primary stat is the number that it will be after the raise in experience times 4 and times 2 for a secondary stat.

The question I have is that if that's supposed to be per point or for the total that it will be. For instance, a character I had last night had a 0 in Fortune, to raise that to a 2 he used 4 experience points. Or should he have had to use 2 points to raise it to 1, then 4 points to raise it to 2. It doesn't explicitely say this in the rules, at least my interpretation, but I was wondering about this for in the future when characters want to beef up some of their bigger stats, such as being able to go from say a toughness of 7 to 10 by using 20 points instead of using 16 to go to 8, 18 to go to 9, then using 20 to go to 10.

It was kind of an after thought after last night's session, why I'm asking here now for future reference.

According to Da Rules, you have to raise any stat or skill one point at a time. So he would have had to bump his For up to 1 and then up to 2, paying for each point separately.

Thanks for the clarification, I figured as much but wasn't entirely sure as I didn't study down the rule as I was reading it last night for some last minute point buying at the end of the night.