Range:Road Vs Target:Road

I was trying to make a spell that detects things on the Road, as a prelude for Range:Road spells for my Merinita magus, and I ended up with this:

The issue is that, like "Sense the Feet that Thread the Earth", it targets the ground rather than the things on it.
Therefore, it's a Target:Road rather than a Range:Road (Neo-Mercurian Magic, reserved for mages with the Mercurian Magic Major Hermetic Virtue, TM:RE p116) :frowning:

Can anyone see a way to achieve this anyway? Would you grant lenience and consider this ok with Range:Road instead?


Even if you had the Neo Mercurian parameter, the spell would need to be range touch, so level 20 rather than 15.

Intellego spells have a bit of leeway with the limit of arcane connections. Here's the text of the limit (emphasis mine):

Look at tread of Fellow travelers from MoH p.66 and traveler's Foresight from page 125 of the same book. They both use range road to be able to sense a target that's on the road with the caster so they can target what their intellego spell discovers with another range road spell.

Ah yes, my initial spell had Range:Road, that's why it's lvl 15 (although I probably should have added +2 for Group)

Thanks for the references!

I went for crafted objects to discount fallen rocks & trees and suchlike.
Intellego Terram spells are not affected by the material of the thing affected, so no need for Form requirements.

I'm not sure if you have the book, but Through the Aegis has a Merinita with a spell very similar to what you're looking for, for reference.

I don't have that one, no :frowning:
Is there a general idea for improvement from it that you could let me know about?