Ranges for enchanted devices


I am wondering what ranges are possible for effects put into enchanted devices.

Next step after touch seems to be arcane connection. Eye (instead of touch) or voice seem to be of less usefulness... Eye might work for a mirror (or would target looks at it suffice for any item or material)? Voice would need an extra CrIn effect to have in the first place (or could that be the voice of the items user?


Do you exclude for some specific reason those devices operated by people?


I don't exclude anything, but...

The Charged Item Example on ArM5 p.97 spells out, that a magic effect with R: Voice can be instilled in an enchanted device without the need for a CrIm effect in it.

See for this also:




Ok great. Thanks for the pointers.

What about range Eye? I suppose one option is again the wielder has eye contact. But what about an independent item? I suppose there is no InIm that actually fulfills eye contact... Would eye contact with a mirror work?

keep in mind that these guidelines don't absolutely apply to all items- for example a musical instrument already has a voice...

True. So I suppose a mask would be great for range eye.

That's an issue to ask your troupe about. In general it is easier to get somebody to touch an enchanted device than to 'meet its gaze' in any poetically adequate fashion.