Ranulf from MoH now 150 years post apprentice!!!!


I did rolls for ageing and there was no increase in apparent age.

Artisano had nine free seasons, He'll use these to pick up Teaching 1 (apprentices) and raise his penetration score to 7.

Ranulf will arrange for rituals for two points each in both presence and comunication.

I'm going to change neither the reputations nor the personality traits of Ranulf.

I'm going to give Artisano among the familiars of his tribunal for his recent magical augmentations, and perhaps a personality trait regarding liking his life as well. Because I imagine him as pretty pleased with recent events.

Here's the +150 year character sheet.

Ranulf's Enchanted devices as of 150 years post gauntlet.

Chest of the Ember Seed, see Magi of Hermes p.114 ,

Ribbon of Arcane Preservation, see Magi of Hermes p.113,

The Collar of Obedience bellow is presented in two ways. Which item you should use is dependent upon whether or not your game requires Animal spells that target an animal's mind to include modifications for the animal's size. If you do play with size modifications, then in addition to using the second Collar of Obedience, Ranulf also does not know the spell Command of the Lion.

Ranulf's unique spells as of 150 years post gauntlet
Animal spells

Auram Spells

Corpus spells

Ignem Spells

Inaginem Spells

Terram Spells

Vim Spells

The following spells are not spells that Ranulf knows but they came up as likely sponts for him

There's a second older magus nearly done, (I'm still going to have to come up with a bunch of personality traits for both of them from the bond enchantments).

The final 15 year period was not as cool as the previous one with the smoke magic and the fire drake, but I think that came down to not having as cool of a plan. Making Artisano even more loaded with fire magic isn't as big of a deal because the two of them already had so much fire magic, being a better diplomat isn't going to be, for the most part, about more powerful magic. Ergo it all fits, but it isn't as badass as chaining a dragon in a collar of iron smoke.