Raven ex Bonisagus

Oh, hey didn't see your edit until just now. When you edit something it doesn't mark the thread as new, so I don't know there is anything to respond too.

If the vis creation is nixed that means... I'll make three books! And there all one of a kind originals in Latin.

I'll go make changes

Erm... Infamous Master provides a reputation of 3. Not -4. I don't think anything gives a negative reputation, they just give bad reputations.

Magic Theory Tractatus don't provide House Acclaim by the table. It also takes time to gain House Acclaim after writing a book, so with her Creo Tractatus that only gives her a single point, although it will rise each year.

Opps sorry my bad, was looking at Infamous. The - is for my to denote a bad reputation.

Ah, makes sense. I think I'll earmark the Creo vis for the covenant too.

Oh and on the magi sheet you have posted, some changes

  1. I've picked out a casting sigil, and voting sigil.
  2. Two years out of apprenticeship should mean 4 warping points.
  3. Religion is Islam.
  4. I picked out the cords for the familiar bond. 2 Golden and 2 Bronze. That bumps the soak up to 4.

(ST EDIT) Where did you get those 4 warping points from? Anyone remembers if the Bronze affects the familiar too? Don't have the books with me

Magi accrue Warping long-term at a two-per-year rate, this is an abstraction, but if we are advancing them season by season don't know if that's a concern. I would ask the Storyguide to please rule on this and write down the saga ruling in the pertinent thread.

Bronze increases the Familiar's Soak as well, page 104 Core: "Each cord has a varying effect (described below) depending on how well it is forged.These benefits also apply to the familiar."

(ST EDIT) Thanks, made the soak changes. That long term is a guideline, usually for mature magi. I don't think I'll use it since we are doing this season by season

I made edits to the equipment to represent the changed choices for what to bring. We have enchanted items!

(ST EDIT) Where I dont see any equipment. Only stuff supposed to go to the covenant

Oh, looking at the posted sheet you don't have xp totals listed, which is mostly fine, but Arabic has 34 xp in it so far.

And yup, the change to equipment was just was she had with her. Also, I've noted the books are technically just being lent. They'll sit in the covenant library though.

(ST EDIT) Corrected, thank you