Ready-Opened Devices

In The Mysteries (Revised) pg. 41 it lists "Ready-Opened Devices" as something you can make with Philosophic Alchemy. How long does this process take? Automatic Vis Extraction, something else you can do with the same Virtue, takes a year (or season), but Ready-Opened Devices never seems to say.


Actually it does, circumspectly- The automatic opening of devices is treated as a vis extraction, but the vis extracts directly into the opening of the device. As such it would follow the same timelines to extract the necessary vis.

It seems to be strongly implied that it takes as long as a vis extraction.
TMRE, page 40, "Alternatively, the magus may process the object to create ready-opened enchantment spaces instead of raw vis."
TMRE, page 41, "The number of spaces open is equal to the number of pawns of Vim vis that would have been extracted into it as automatic vis extraction."

Thanks. That was my initial reading, too, but when re-reading the section I was second-guessing myself.

Thanks for the answer.

I did have a player try and argue that he can do it in 7 days, because extraction counts as a 7 day distraction...but no. :smiley:

What? Where on earth is that ruled? I can't recall ever seeing this.

The Mysteries, Revised Edition, p. 40-41, Ready-Opened Devices.
Requires Philosophical Alchemy, which I haven't even tried talking anyone into letting me pick up as a Verditius.

And it doesn't take time as such it happens as part of the Vis destillation process.
You could save a season, if you can extract enough Vis in a season to fill the object you're working on, but that's it.

It does say that the extraction can run and other lab activities can be undertaken (except for vis extraction), and to treat those activities as if they had a 7 day lab extraction. A player did argue that they could therefore open a device in 7 days. I did point out that the process is distilling vis into the device and distilling the vis does take a season or a year, depending on which Philosophic Alchemy.

It seems there could be quite a market for these items.
Getting "free" vis is nice, but saving a season is nicer.