Realia For Abilities

I had always assumed Realia collections (Covenants pg 102) could be created for studying art or abilities. But on rereading the section the book seams to hint that Realia is really only useful for advancing arts (or research). Is this how other people read it.

I'm not sure you could come up with a collection to match every ability but certainly some are reasonable.

I could see a militant Magus or companion putting together a sizable collection of well crafted and unique weapons and shields one could study to increase your single weapon ability. Or perhaps some some enterprising craftsman collects excellent examples of his trade's products to improve his own skills.

I have the same impression: realia for Arts only. However, I like your idea, and I think I would allow it. Or allow the well thought items to provide a bonus to practice experience (+2? +3?) or something.


You cannot use Practice on Arts, realia fulfill that role at a heavier cost.

That would be a nice roleplay artefact, but since this is no better than Practice it is nothing but flavor.

I like the bonus to practice idea. Maybe arrive at the amount by multiply standard Realia sizes by 5. So to get a +1 you'd need five relevant unique and well though out items. For +2 you'd need 10 +3=20 +4=40 ectera. As long as the troupe was strict about what items qualify it shouldn't get to out of hand.

Realia are used as real teaching aids --- see --- so clearly they can be used for things that in the game would be encompassed by Abilities.

You are right that for some Abilities it is hard to see what physical artefacts might be handy as teaching aids. However, for others it is obvious and should be allowed.

"A realia collection can be studied as many times as it has levels of quality."

If you strictly apply the realia rule, you'd get 4 seasons of Quality 4 Practice (aka nothing) for 16 unique weapons. Is getting 4 seasons of Quality 8 Practice for 80 unique weapons reasonable?

The standard progression for realia is 1/1 2/2 3/4 4/8 5/16 6/32 7/64 the book makes a bit of a mistake and loses count but it's corrected in the errata.

By my math 40 unique weapons would give you +4 (So practice 8 for 4 seasons)

If that seems like to much or to little just make the constituents easier or harder to come by. I think thats reasonable but I'm assuming a 40 items wouldn't be easy to come by and add a lot to the game. The collection process should require a fair amount of thought by the player. Highlight the collectors personality as well as provide the occasional story hook.