Realm alignment of might stripping spells

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Really quick query here.

Do Perdo Vim spells that strip might need to be realm aligned. And if yes, is this in the rules anywhere?

The PeVi guidelines (and errata) don't say that you do have to have a realm specific spell, whereas they explicitly do say that for wards under ReVi, but the example spell (Demon's eternal oblivion) only targets demons.

In other books there are realm aligned spells for stripping might from faerie and magic targets. Creating vim spells that could apply to all realms is the focus of the Conciatta chapter of Legends of Hermes. The line was written with the expectation that you needed realm specific spells.

there are PeVi versions across a few core books for Fae, Demons, and magical creatures. So based that it seems a yes.
I also half remember a reference about realm specific spells somewhere related to affecting the divine with spells but can’t recall the ref. I’ll hunt if I get time.

The InVi on ARS p.158 specifically calls out different versions of InVi for different realms. So that’s one spot.

ArM5 Guidelines are typically very brief. Understanding them in general requires looking at the spells which implement them.

Read up for one of many examples

, and compare it to

If there were no example spell, you could not conclude from the guideline the scope of application of a single spell.

The same holds for

Look up also


Cheers all. I had always assumed that realm specific was required but couldn't find a reference.