Realms of Power: Faerie: Table of Contents up!!

It looks very intriguing!

I could speculate more, but boy... I can't wait for this release!


This looks really interesting to be sure. But looking over the bestiary, it looks like they've missed out the Sidhe and other "elves". Or maybe one of those other strange names for faerie legends I've never heard covers this?
Any thoughts? :slight_smile:


We get another set of methods and powers!!

Volkhvy are back!! I loved these guys, the rules for them were buggy in Dragon and the Bear but they were thematically just perfect.

I was fearing that we'd only get the RoP: Magic treatment and not have any Faerie traditions. Considering that my present magus has a flaw involving faerie hedge wizards This is a very good thing for me.

Cool, Erik! I can't say anything about what I wrote, of course, but can you tell me more about this Flaw your magus has?

OK, so I'm covered by NDA and can't talk about things and so on, but:

Dude. I didn't miss the elves. You mean the aos si, right? See "courtly faeries" on page 80. All that's happened is that I've conciously chosen not to use Gaelic forms as generic for pan-european phenomena. You get courtly faeries all across Europe, so in this case, the Gaelic name isn't used as a heading. I do use if for some other things, like the Cally Berry, because she's not found elsewhere and so her name's her name.

The bestiary bloc, by the way, is only the fully stated creatures. There are lots of others covered at the design note level (most of which I have stats for, so see my Sub Rosa offer).

Very interested to see what the Volkhvy are going to look like? and how they may or may not overlap with the Kolduni (from Hedge magic)

We've also still got a seed based on legends of strange northern Wizards from the Land Beyond the North Wind (from Ancient Magic).

So quite an interesting mix of magicians in Russia with a few Hermetic Covenants huddled in the middle, and the Mongol wave fast approaching.

Cool, it's nice to spread that type of faerie out a bit, not just focus it on the celtic legends. I'm especially interested in the dark and light elves of the Norse legends, as I've mentioned in another thread. :slight_smile:

This book will be great, and it's nice to complete the RoP series finally :slight_smile:


Looks very interesting.

The Table of Contents has been expanded:

mispost. But dang, that ToC rocks...


The character is a Merinita who believes that Faerie entities and auras are dangerously toxic to magic auras. He feels compelled to protect magic auras, areas, and entities specifically from the practice of faerie based magic (the faerie magic of house Merinita, at least faerie magic virtue, being a likely exception to this concern as it is magic realm magic adjusted to be compatible with the faerie realm rather than maigic springing from the faerie realm itself). He'll go out of his way to root out and drive away faerie hedge magicians.