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Long time not reading this. My fault, I know :unamused:

Last time I checked, Carmen had just been teleported somehwere separated from the rest of the people for being a haughty bastard and offended the faeries/cave, the rest were inside a corridor with no idea where to go and the magi in Barcleona were about to cross the merecere portal towards Val Negra.

A cool situation, overall :smiley:

Could someone make me 2 cents of what has happened since? Thanks a lot on advance :slight_smile:



Not much has happened :laughing:
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Carmen reunited with the other magi and they decided to explore the regio further (carmen figured out that the maze was a manifestation of the regio). Then we got separated again as the faeries play individual games with each of us. Scott is running that with private messages, as I think we are supposed to be unaware of what each other is doing.

In Barcelona, the magi had meetings with the Exarch of the region Marcus of Tremere and the Summer Tenens Cornelius of Bonisagus. Then they finally decided to take the plunge and go into the portal. They discovered the village of Perdut, on the outskirts of Val-Negra. Something sinister is afoot, as all of the people are gripped by Fear, Desperation, Hoplessness, and Hysteria. The children seem immune to the effect.

LOL. Is the name of the village official? Perdut means "lost" in catalan :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool about the village and the kids. Seems we have a mentem curse there. :slight_smile: Does it affect the grogs?

Thanks for the recap. :slight_smile:


Yep, that's the official name. Well, as official as anything from 2nd edition can be in the 5th edition paradigm :stuck_out_tongue:

"Lost" is a very fitting name indeed :smiley:

The grogs are safe for now. Inigo took the wise precaution of covering them all with his Parma Magica.

I am sooo stupid. I red the whole thread twice, wondering what it had to do with redcaps, before I realized that it is called recap

This is mind-altering stuff. Maybe we should call in a governemt agency...

How could you forget to mention how Viola embarrassed Marcellus? Terrible.

That is because Viola is about to suffer a smallish problem with an avalanche next time she ventures outside during winter. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Any further developments during last month? roughly speaking. Marko has suggested a small adventure for Marcellus and I would like to be aware of major developments. here

Tangentially, after reading Hedge magic revised Edition I will say that the whole concept of marcellus himself is better suited to a gruagach (jotunn variety, with a marked focus on Shape) than to a hermetic magus. But he is up and running, so hey :slight_smile: