Recruiting/Accepting New Characters?

So I've decided to try the PbP thing again, but I'm not sure which (if any) of the current games is recruiting or accepting new people.


I always accept new people :slight_smile:
What sort of character would you be interested in playing?

Nothing in mind yet, what should I be reading on setting, to get the general picture? Light of Andorra is it?

Yes yes. Read "Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia" by Peter Hentges :smiley:

Other than that, the main covenant thread is mainly what you need. You can read up on the current stories, but that is unnecessary. These players are pretty cool about helping new players catch up to speed.

I prefer player-driven plots, so there is no need to custom tailor your character. Play what you want to play. I encourage Flambeau of course :smiley:. But you can be a member of any House. Character is what counts. Being unique or powerful or mysterious, these are all cool. But role-playing and characterization are what I stress as most important. It is a high powered game, not Mythic, High. But power level, or lack thereof, is not the point. Good characters and good roleplaying are what matter.

Very well I'll reread Iberia and check on the thread, though with the holidays on top of us I might take a bit to come up with something and send it to you.

No problem. Just remember to filter out overt infernalism in your read :laughing:. There is some, but not like 3rd ed.