Redcap Training Packages now online

I've posted my "Redcap Training Packages" article from Sub Rosa #13 (aka "the Diedne issue") online via my blog as it's been over 9 months since it was published by Distant Lands Publishing. (After 9 months the rights revert to me according to their generous publishing agreement, although Ben and Mark can continue to publish the piece in Sub Rosa indefinitely).

There's additional Redcap material elsewhere on the site for those interested.

I hope by making it more accessible this way, Ars Magica Troupes will be encouraged to create more developed Redcap Companions to enrich their games.



That is great! Thanks!

I recommend it. Really nice piece.

Thanks for the plug Mark!

Have to say that the remainder of Sub Rosa #13 is amazing - it's not just all Diedne either.