Redcap & Vis

I starting to wonder where the Vis for the Magical items Redcap gets and for the Longvity Ritual comes from.
If it is fom the Covenants they visit regualr, theyr home Redcap covenant or even the Tribunal.
In case the Tribunal pays for this then I wonder where the Tribunal get the necesary vis for all the Redcaps.
It would be great if someone can point me to the official source on this infos.

HoH:TL starting on page 84: Redcaps are the bankers of vis for the Order. When a Magus trades 2 Vim vis for 1 Herbum, House Mercere makes a profit. That profit is used to make LR for Redcaps and buy enchanted devices

Ahh thanks at p85 its special mentioned so this is exactly what I looked for, thanks.

And they have Vis sources like everyone else (perhaps more, given the amount of traveling the redcaps do). Could be a story there......

Some Tribunals are bound to have more organized "taxing" systems in place. Fines paid to the Tribunal in general go to the Quaesitores and Mercere IIRC.