Redcaps not gifted

Hi all.

Does the not gifted redcaps have a parma magica since they can learn arcane abilities?

In other words, does the parma need the gift ?

Yes, In the main rules on p66, The third paragraph of the parma skill description:

Parma Magica can only be learned by gifted Characters, although they learn it as a normal arcane ability, not supernatural ability.

Ok, thanks.

And what if the character "lost" his gift due to some experimentation which he would have been part of ? Parma or not parma?

Saga dependent. Whatever suits your story arc better.

To me, parma is a way to "weave" a protective magical cocoon around yourself. If you cannot manipulate magical forces you cannot weave them. So to me losing your Gift (or access to your Gift) renders you incapable of weaving your parma since you cannot perceive the environmental magic and the magic does not respond to your commands. Still, this is easier than weaving a spell (after all, you spend 2 minutes weaving instead of 6 seconds) so losing your ability to work spells normally might mean tyhat your control is weaker, but that you are still able to use your Parma.

So to me it depends to what level your ability to work magic has been damaged by the accident. As I said, saga dependent



I would do like you do.
Seems very coherent and logic.

I have a related question. Do redcaps, who carry a small load of magical items, get invited into the Aegis of the hearth with tokens, or because they're non-gifted, do they just get let in and their items are at half power?


If the Aegis ceremony only occurs at the Winter Solstice, then a single Redcap could only attend any one ceremony. If they were friendly with a covenant, they might well be invited - if not, they well may not be. Same with whether or not they get tokens to those places where they did not attend. It's their job to deliver messages, not cast spells.

There is no hard rule.

It's possible customary to have a 'redcaps token' ready for any visitng redcaps, for those covenants who allow redcaps access to their devices when in the covenant of another.