reforging Familiar Bond

Perhaps a silly question, but since I don't have my books at the moment, would someone know:

Can you reforge Familiar Bonds if your Lab total hasn't changed?

Say, in the original Forging you had Gold 3, Silver 0, and Bronze 1.
But the next Season your character realises it should be Gold 1, Silver 0, and Bronze 3

Looks like a troupe decision for an individual case, not to penalize rookie players.

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I would allow it, losing a season for it is payment enough


Because the familiar is a individuum on its own the next question is also if the familiar is willing to jet spend a other season nearly full tim in the lab.

It might not.
Also, if the Familiar has been bound, it could serve as an assistant in renewing the bond, which, depending on it's Int and MT, can affect the Lab Totals

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As Oneshot points out, if an inexperienced player made a mistake, the troupe should be forgiving. It's probably best to retroactively adjust the value of the Cords and assume they always had the "right" value.

But if you are asking this as an abstract question, no, I would not allow it. More generally, I would not allow a character to lower any cord, even if the total value went up (e.g. I would not allow going from 3/0/1 to 2/3/3). The text after all specifically says that you can strengthen the bonds, not generically alter them.

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