Regarding an old published adventure


The "Beta Storyguide" in our campaign suggested running an older adventure called Black Death. We're using 5th edition, and since I don't want to read through it myself (since I'm going to be one of the players), I'm asking on the Storyguide's behalf if Black Death fits into 5th edition without too much modifications (apart from the rules, of course).
So, anyone read it?


Black Death works out just fine. Combat is not the main threat in that quest (in my experience, you always need to tweak the combat stats to suit your saga anyway) and everything else at most requires a few changes to the skill checks involved. IIRC, the NPC magi mostly don't have Houses assigned to them but that's about the only noticable change in Background. Its not one of the adventures predicated on some element of hermetic politics or history that has changed between editions.

So.. Have a blast!

Cool, thanks! I'll forward this reply to the Storyguide :slight_smile:


Black Death was the starting point of our last 4th ed saga (kind of a large-scale collective gauntlet), which moved to 5th ed (and from Iceland to England). ... e&lang=eng