Regios and Sight of the Active Magics

Can a magi use Sight of the Active Magics to navigate a Regio? I understand that the base effect for perceiving a Regio is lvl 3 - while SotAM is based off of the lvl 5 effect.

The way that it is written implies that most of the InVi effects simply grant more information. As such, higher-level InVi can do what their lower-level counterparts can do, only more so. This is further implied by SotAM's final line, which states that despite the name, it can also detect "the residues of some spells". But a regio isn't a spell; but they are certainly active - so I'm not sure.

I would say no (and a very clear cut no) Sight of the Active Magics is a completely different guideline. And save in specific, explicit cases, what you can achieve with a given guideline does not include what you can achieve with lower level ones. For example, you can't use a spell that implements the "speak with a dead body" InCo base 5 effect to "locate a person to whom you have an arcane connection" (InCo base 3).

The spell to navigate regio boundaries is Piercing the XXX Veil, where XXX is one of the four realms. In the main rule book it is listed as Piercing the Fairie Veil.

Yes, I am aware of that. That's why I mentioned them in the first line of my post. Those effects are based off of the lvl 3 guideline for Intelligo Vim.

Yes. One of which is Sight of the Active Magics. It's a Base 5 Effect (Detect all active magics) which includes a number of lower-level effects (Detecting various magnitude effects - one of which is an equal to "detect regio"). In addition, it also detects the residue of "some spells". (AM5th, pg. 159).

Hence my question - is an active regio considered an "Active Magic" or a "residue"? There are some effects (Conjuration of the Indumadable Cold, pg. 143) which use multiple guidelines for a single effect. To be fair, in that particular instance, it's all about making objects, fire, or living things cold. But in the InVi instance, it's all about perceiving magical energies in play. And in other InVi effects I've read about, the general write-ups seem to be that the more powerful the effect, the more information you can get about magic around you. However, that may simply be discussing magnitudes and quality of information for things you already get.

I would say that a regio is a place, not a spell, and so sight of active magics does not detect it. It is not an active magic, but something that exists on its own. If the regio had a magical gateway you would detect it without problems, though, but the entrance needs to have a mystical effect on it, not be just a pair of Roman pillars standing by. :slight_smile:

Effects in Guidelinez are discrete things. As Xavi said a regio is not a spell.

Sure, it can detect the effect "detect regio", but that's not the same as being able to detect a regio. It can also detect Abyssal Flame.

Neither. It's not an active magic, and it's not the residue of an active magic.

It could be being produced by an active magic, or have been produced by one, but it is no more a spell than an arm that was healed by creo magic is.