Regios trapped in time

I have a question about Regios. I'm very interested in other time periods too, apart from the middle ages. But there is a limit on magic that says one cannot travel in time, and no spell can predict the future or look into the past, it seems.
How about Regios. Let's say there is a famous battle during the height of the Roman Empire. Could this battle have created a regio, where it is trapped in time, to be played over and over again? This concept appears in myth and litterature from time to time, but how would it work in Ars Magica? This way, Magi could in a way, travel back in time to specific events and maybe learn clues they need for the future?


Absolutly there could be such a regio.

Those limits are only on Hermetic Magic, meaning members who have been trained by the Order can't create such effects, nor stop them with their magic. Such a regio might inspire one to try, however.

I've considered this myself essentially as a way to establish alternative settings in a canon game.

For instance, let us discuss that 'other' game. Ravenloft (avoids swing) is suppose to be this world that people can get sucked into from Forgotten Realms or wherever. This allows the option for players to shift from canon campaign setting to another.

While I think Atlas has good reason to firmly support Mythic Europe and not detail crazy settings such as "Spooky Land", I do think it's pauseable to maintain a canon setting and detail various historic times and places and explain these as places trapped in times as occuring in Regios.

The one I've toyed with the most is a Regio had has a part of "Ancient Rome" trapped inside it. Essentially Modern Hermetic Wizards and their companions enter to discover this place land where the Roman Empire never fell and Priests of Mercury, working Pre Hermetic Magic secretly rule the small population.

As a publisher, I can see good reason to not pursue this sort of material, but it's our game to, and I think "Mythic Earth" is ripe with times and places that would-be adventures can involve themselves in.

One way to achieve something like this while keeping fully within the ArM5 setting: introduce a Faerie Regio whose inhabitants reenact that battle again and again ad infinitum.
Sorting out original from Faerie add-ons could then be the real challenge - apart from coming out with body and mind intact, of course.

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For the battle, I would think a magical regio filled iwth ghosts. Ghost, by there nature, replay the same events over and over.

Sounds a lot like the series..."The Misplaced Legeon" Crud, I can't remember the author...(dang aging rolls). I guess I'll have to go through the attic and find out...


Easy enough to have a multi-layer Regio ,
with the secretive cult hiding in the highest level.
The multi-layers , with the Cult probably controlling access to the various levels ,
would give you plenty of room to have a few different scenarios.

Harry Turtledove for the Misplaced Legion.


Yeah, what he said.

Good series. I knew it was Harry something..but my roll was not enough...
Glad you rolled a '1'

Check out Mythic Places from AR3, there was an infernal regio battleground, where the replay was being done by ghosts manipulated by demons. The battle replays itself every 7 years, each year the regio has a higher infernal aura (1-7) until the battle then it drops to 1 again.

In my saga in the Teuteburger Wald where the battle between Varus/Herman the Cherusker and the roman army took place (as described in the Rhine Tribunal books) the two fearie courts of dark summer and dark winter make two battels every year: one at the beginning of spring whre the dark summer wins and an at begin of atum where the dark winter wins. The special thing is that the dark winter uses the ghost of the roman army for this battle and the dark summer fearies mask themselfes as Hermann and his army. One of my players had to take Hermans place isntead of one fearie to win the battle for them at the begining of atum to fulfill his quest for his way of the forest.

I know my preference would be a Magic Realm Regio.

There is a time differential of fairly high order ,
say 01 day inside passes for each 100 years outside
(or whatever).

Alternatively , no time differential , but all significant changes are supressed by the secret cult.

The people are normal people ,
though depending on the strength of the regio
have varying degrees of warping.

Say that the Mercurian Cult learns of the existence of Hermetic Magic.
Possibly a failed apprentice who found his way there.
He/she could teach the rudiments of Magic Theory ,
but not have the secret of Parma Magica.

Maybe this group already has someone in place in a Covenant
who has just learnt the secret of Parma and is returning to teach others.