Rego Corpus and Summoning

I was looking at possible ways of using Rego Corpus to summon a person you had an arcane connection to, to your location. However this looked extremely difficult according to the Spell guidelines:

Base 35 Instantly transport the target to a location you have an arcane connection to.

Base 35, 4 Arcane Connection = Rego Corpus 55

I believe since the spell level is so high this would also require a ritual casting. Although, technically this would allow your to transport anyone you have an arcane connection to to any location you have an arcane connection to, not just your location.

So I wondered if it what people thought about flipping the spell guideline, instead of "instantly transport the target to a location you have an arcane connection to" use "instantly transport the target you have an arcane connection to your location."


I'd just Open an Intangible Tunnel at level 35 (with Mom rather Conc Duration) to the target, and immediately follow with a level 40 Summon the Distant Magus at level 40 (Base 35, +1 Touch).

Don't forget requisites , unless you dont mind appearing naked.

No requisites IMS if you are wearing "normal clothes". (that means you are not moving your lab in your bag ^^). I think the core rule book says nothing and YSMV but it's not a hard rule.

We also allow you to teleport transporting stuff of load 0 with no requisites. IMS a staff is load zero, FYI :wink:

It's the old , Requisites required , unless inconvenient or em-bare-arse-ing House Rule i see.

Isn't there (noble's parma) a kind of magical horn in the Flambeau section of HoH:S that calls the milites to arms? I don't think it has requisites - it probably summons them naked :smiley:

Of course, if your magus wears humanleather* (with a belt buckle and buttons made from human bone), there's no problem with casting requisites :slight_smile:

It's p13

On the other hand, that same book also lists Wizard's Leap without requisites... But notes in the description that it requires them for anything (including clothing) save your talisman to travel with you.

IMO, the Horn is probably the result of a legacy-induced memory loss. That, and the fact that these are "free" requisites, you may add them or not, so having them in the description as being nescessary would induce confusion.

Anyway, a lot of people HR this one way or another (exact details vary)

You could do it with a single spell, something like Leap of Homecoming at Touch range. Grab something from where you are, use the spell once to get to the target, use the spell twice to bring you back where you were. I like the Opening the Intangible Tunnel approach, but this does it with a single spell.


Sometimes you don't want to go where you're summoning the person from - I like the Touch of Homecomming.

Too bad both that and the Tunnel will be level 40+ and so cause Warping :frowning:

As such a powerfull spell should, IMO.

Great idea, though, I love it. I can already picture a powerful magus sending out a grog, and then teleporting him back at will :smiley:

Hmm. Item maintains concentration Intangible Tunnel in your talisman... when sending a grog into danger, grab an arcane connection to him, open & maintain intangible tunnel, fast cast grab of homecoming when Infernal Dragon Of Doom (TM) swoops down on him.