Rego familiars


I have a character whose highest technique/form is Rego Ignem. I have been trying to come up with a cool familiar to be his companion. My ST has told me to think about animals who control their environment or are "kings of a type" like... Lions are King of the Savannah. So some ideas offered were: Lions, Beavers, Spiders.

My character is one that is particularly wanderlust-y and has a flight spell which he enjoys a lot. I was hoping to have a familiar that could fly with me, or i could even ride in flight.

I had suggested a Gryphon, but that was deemed a little out of character and form, being more of a Muto or Auram creature.

Any thoughts? I had thought of an Eagle since they are King of Birds. Any suggestions are welcome.

I would go with an Ercinee, but if you are very powerful or have a generous troupe/storyguide, I'd angle for a Phoenix.


Hail, queeriously, esteemed player in my saga.

Anyhow, a griffin is not right out, by any means. If you have your heart set on something like that, we can figure it out.

I'll look for some examples of Rego and Ignem aligned familiars when I get home and have access to my books.


A Phoenix would have been a natural choice, too bad another in my sodales is angling for a Phoenix familiar!

how about a Firedrake?


A snake because of the way they hypnotize their prey. (They don't really, but.)

An alpha wolf.

Or you can go the Ignem route and get a salamander or firebird.

A lion might not be good because Pliny says they fear fire.



haha, another member of the covenant has a firedrake. haha

For the Rego specialist in my saga, I sent him a Nightingale - Nightingale - and gave it the power that as long as it sings, it and its audience cannot grow tired, though the cumulative fatigue crashes down at the end of the song. So far, he seems fairly happy with it, even if it does boss him around a bit.

Eagle is my favorite.

As you said he is the king of birds.
But eagles (of virtue) also have a ward against heat effect - they fly up high to the sun.

Young man, you almost hit the nail on its head. Another member of the troupe plays our firedrakes, indeed. And a most glorious saga it is.

Actually, an Eagle who has a built in fire immunity wouldn't be bad. I wouldn't have to worry about warding him when i'm casting. Plus I could coat him in flames so he'd be a flaming firebird and gain damage to attack without suffering the fire dmg from the spell.

If you are a rego master it shouldn't be too hard to incluide a rego requisite in your spells to prevent damage to the eagle anyway :wink:

ANd yes, an eagle of virtue can be really cool :slight_smile:


But they really like sunny places(ie another type of Ig)...

An Ercinee of Virtue would be pretty cool too. They have been described as a the size of a hawk with the ability to glow at night.

Since I have no idea of what the hell is a ercine, I will not comment on that :slight_smile:


Seems it translates to Hercinia in English...
Havent found much more than that...

Rego would indicate a creature that imposes order or rule - best example would be a ruler of some sort.
Ignem would be any creature that likes heat.

Fireant monarch?
Burning bee queen?

Or, maybe something else - how about a camel?

Well, for contrast with the Ignem, a Sirene might work. The Swan is also an option - it can fly, and is associated with majesty, music and tranquil waters. The Lark's voice can banish evil spirits, so it would also work. The Halcyon can control storms and ensure calm weather. Aside from the Eagle and the Phoenix though, birds associated with Ignem are hard to think of. Oh, and any beast of burden is probably associated with hard work and thus Rego.

True, so a "fiery-tempered" horse could be realistic for example... :stuck_out_tongue:

Im at a loss for your reasoning on siren and swan though?

Sirens lure men to their deaths, which would be RegoCorpus or Mentem, probably Mentem. Calming water would be RegoAquam, hence the Swan, especially given its lordly demeanor and association (in Britain at least) with royalty, though I suspect that given the myths about songs, Imaginem would be a better form to use.