Rego transport other than Co and Im

Corpus and Imago are the only forms with teleporting guidelines, and they are very different. Im starts at level 4 for a 5 pace shift and goes up to level 15 for arcane. Corpus levels range from 10 - 35. I can see two lines of reasoning for the other forms. You can round up to the ReCo guidelines just to be safe, and to keep with the idea that unpublished effects are less standard. Or you cluster "massless" forms -- Me,Ig,Au -- at or near the Im guidelines, and the "massive" forms --An, He, Aq-- at or near the Corpus levels.

Thoughts / experiences?

ReTe 4 Transport target up to 5 paces (Magi of Hermes 92)
ReTe 25 Transport target to AC (MoH92)

Transforming Mythic Europe p107 adds that casting requisites may be necessary for non Terram objects.

Dunno if that helps...


*edit: added bit about requisites.

I'm sure Transforming Mythic Europe in its section on magical technology includes the guidelines for other forms.

I wonder why Te gets a break compared to Co. I would have gone alone the lines suggested by weavermount, substantial vs. insubstantial.


Living vs. un-living?

Also, if you add in the magnitude increase listed under the ReTe guidelines, metal & gemstone adds +2 for a final base of 35.

Because they're different Forms and have different expectations on what they can do.

In relation to Jason72's comment, can anyone explain why both the example in MoH p93 (Invisible Hand of the Thief) and TME p109 (Rapacious Hand of the Highwayman and Portage of the Eagles) do not include modifiers for substances other than dirt? Am I missing something at a basic concept level?

Already ArM5 p.155, the page with the basic Rego Terram Guidelines, has the ReTe 5 spell Unseen Arm, which allows to slowly move "a nonliving thing, like a mug, instrument, or small pouch of coins". By moving coins, hence metal, this base 2 spell already goes beyond what it should be able to do by the Rego Terram Guidelines box immediately above.
Now, just to preserve the sanity of ArM5 gamers, any published - and not errataed - ArM5 spell is also its own guideline. So some Hermetic Rego Terram magic, if just moving things - even those of other Forms than Terram, apparently does not need to bother with extra magnitudes for stone, metal and gems. After all, the amounts of stone, metal and gems to be moved by such a spell are already significantly smaller (ArM5 p.152).
And this was apparently carried over to the MoH p.92 box and TME p.107 box Rego Terram guidelines, and the spells derived from them.


I am a pedantic jerk - Ignem and Auraum are not massless, even in the magical-medieval paradigm. They are physical elements, so they have mass/weight.

Several written spells have effects that seem to surpase the general guidelines.
One example has already been mentioned

We decideded in our campaign to solve it as follows.
The guidelines are always the basic truth. You cannot invent from scratch a spell that does not follow them. However through the history of the order several magi are have not been content wtih this and have conducted original research to push the limits.
So we interpret the unseen arm to be one such example. It pushes the limit because the inventor did something outside normal guidelines somehow. The resulting labtext is widely circulated and anyone learning the unseen arm from it learns this enhanced version. Should a magi wish to invent the unseen arm on his own from scratch he will discover that e does not understand how this was accomplished and will need to add levels beyond the base 2 in order to lift precious metals.
Of course this is more a guideline than a rule so for some spells the breaking/bending of the guidelines is incorporated in general magic theory for all to use.
Maybe the unseen arm is one such example.