Release date for Call of the Lich Lord?

A posting on had a quote from Atlas Games saying that Call of the Lich Lord would be out on June 21 (if all went well). As today is June 21, I wondered if there was any official (or unofficial) word on the release?



I should clarify -- we said we expected it to arrive in our warehouse today. It typically takes another week or two to get from us to your local game store, depending on numerous factors.

Be that as it may, I spoke with the printer yesterday, and they said it was later in leaving than they'd expected, but not by much. The games are finished and en route; we expect them to get to our warehouse on Thursday or Friday (the 22nd or 23rd). I am working hard so that we will be able to ship out orders as quickly as possible... since Recess and Grand Tribunal will be going in the same shipments, it's quite a load of work...

Thank you for your update. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it!