Reminder that the Post-a-Day subforum exists

Hey all just a quick reminder as it hasn't seen much activity since last November, that there is a dedicated part of the forums for the post a day stuff. If you've never noticed it check it out here. There's some great stuff in there and some new stuff being written over the course of this month.

Figured it was worth saying. I usually come directly to this part of the forum so I know I wouldn't see activity elsewhere on the site myself.


I discovered it when someone on the discord informed me of it's existence after I made the thread in the regular Ars Magica forum. Very embarrassing.
Shout out to Medusa!

You are most welcome!

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There's a Discord channel for Ars Magica?

Very easily done! I think the last time there was any activity on the post a day section was last January (until now obviously).