Remote Communication

Salvete Sodales,

I often send my agents away from my Covenant to chase my agenda but I need a reliable communication system to stay updated on their movements. So I finally create this spell:

Speaking to the serf as if I were close to him (Creo Mentem 20)

This spell allows the caster to speak directly into the mind of the specific subject, provided that the caster has a fixed arcane connection with the target

(base 3 + 4 Arcane Connection, +1 Diameter).

Now the big question: since I want the target to be able to respond, do I have to create a magical object with this spell/effect infused inside? (very dangerous because it exposes an arcane connection with me in case the object falls into the wrong hands...). Any other ideas?

Thanks to all, may the Order watch over you and may Bonisagus protect you!

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If you want them to be able to respond mentally, then it needs an Intellego requisite. But then it would also need to use the InMe 15 "speak with any human" base, and then add a magnitude for the Creo component, which would significantly increase the level of the final effect. If you want them to be able to respond verbally, then you'd need to add both Intellego and Imaginem, and add a magnitude for each. But the easiest way would just be to send the messages verbally as well, which would be base 1 (for use a sense at a distance / image that affects a single sense), and a final level of 15 (+1 diameter, +4 arcane connection, +1 requisite).

There are some very fun and complicated ways to make telephones. The Transforming Mythic Europe had a few. I don't have the notes for the one my covenant made before though. I'll see if I can find them.

Hi! With some judicious use of Vim (arcane tunnels, Maintaining the Demanding Spell, Suppressing the Wizard’s Handiwork) you can communicate with your grogs with Mentem R:T, rather than Arcane, which helps keep these spell levels low.

Also fixed connections can be useful, but cost time and vis. You can simply keep some decent connection (hair, for example, lasts for years). If you get an Apprentice, then he can do the drudge work in fixing connections. Or some helpful hedgie that can fix connections.

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