Reputation for deep cover disguise and Personae

Deep cover disguise (HoH:S 88) works with local reputations.

Personae also get a reputation (HoH:S 90)

However, a local reputation doesn't make too much sense for a Persona that a magus carries around for his entire life.

What is the Persona reputation supposed to be?

Any ArM5 p.19 Reputation has a type. There is no reason to allow the Reputation of a just created HoH:S p.90 Persona to be of a type larger than local, unless that Persona starts as apprentice, clergy, academic (A&A p.90ff) or magus (most dangerous!): also a Persona needs to earn fame or notoriety beyond the place where it is created.

But the ArM5 p.19 Reputation is not just mechanics: especially its development during play needs SG and troupe involvement.
When a character puts exp into the Persona Ability, the Reputations of her Personae increase, and so do - by the ArM5 p.19 box Reputation Ease Factor - also the areas where she is known. By troupe placet this can also lead to a change of the type of the respective Reputation - especially if you have types like academic in your saga.


I fully agree about type local for a newly "forged" Persona. But how does a Persona with a local reputation in Sicily work in Greece?
Is it just the appearance (flawless, even for different gender, etc.) and personality traits - just no reputation? And if so, could I forge a Deep cover disguise (flawless, even for different gender) so to say on top of that Persona?

What about reputations fading away if a deep cover disguise is not used for a longer period... Does that apply to Personae as well?


I should say: just the same as if that Reputation would be of a person instead of a Persona. So if it is not high enough, it doesn't apply in Greece. Otherwise it would be a very powerful kind of mind magic affecting all people around you whereever you went, hence would also be detectable and cause lots of problems.

Even better. In your Persona you are Paolo from Syracuse even in Greece, and if somebody there asks Calogero from Syracuse: yes, Calogero might know you!

Fading Reputations are a SG topic. There are no hard rules TMK, but where needed the SG can base decisions on common sense.


Mmh, the "even better" depends quite a lot though. I was planning to have a rather low class Persona, e.g. a Syracuse fishwife - basically selling fish in the harbour... What would she do in Greece (even far from the coast). On the other hand "a portly lady past her best age that is loud and vulgar but generally friendly" would be a perfect base for a deep cover disguise for a similar role (and reputation) in any other local environment - not selling fish of course, but vegetables, fruits or household goods...

Look for a position in a household or kitchen? And once she found a good one, become your "portly lady past her best age that is loud and vulgar but generally friendly"?

Sometimes a Persona might just require a little maintenance, to remain useful under changed circumstances.


That's what I meant with

I read your response as you agree that this should work...

Roughly yes.

You need to sort out with your SG, just what your character should do in Greece as her Persona Lucia the fishwife, to have her become Lucia from Syracuse, former fishwife who lucked out in Greece.


Ah. Now that is different from what I thought... I am not sure I would want to relocate the Persona and I still don't think it makes a lot of sense for most Personae - as globalization and travel was rather unusual...

What shall I say? Nobody prevents your character from letting the Reputation of her Persona fade into oblivion in Syracuse by HoH:S p.90, and building a brand new one for it in Greece following HoH:S p.87ff Deep Cover Disguises. Still Calogero from Syracuse, if meeting that Persona in Greece, might believe to recognize her from Syracuse.

Also, don't underestimate travel in the middle ages - especially of people living by the sea. Your fishwife might always get kidnapped by pirates or marry a boatswain.