Request: Favored Abilities for Faeric Daughters of Erictho

Hi everyone:
I am making one Pagan Tradition based upon the Witches of Thesally Not Hermetic Branch, or maybe on some of them too. Since RoP:I is declared that some of them are Faeric and not Infernall at all (or just a bit, with some Magicals too), I was searching for the 4 combo of Favored Abilties or Arts.
I am between two options:
1)Faerie Summoning, Bonding (Ars Fabulosa instead of their Goetic Arts of the Infenals ones); Second Sight (to move between Regiones and see spirits) and Hex (aligned with the Faerie). Maybe Hex could be Magic-Aligned or changed for Cure-Throwing.
2)Evocation, Conjure, Woe and Portage - that Faeir Wizardrie translate the concepts that are explained from the RoP:I, just like the befor list; but it's totally Faerie oriented.
1+2/2) Faerie Summoning, Bonding, Evocation and Portage; sith many of them taking more from Initiations and others Pagan and own secrets.

How do you see?

How about: Summoning, Empathy, Portage, and Woe?

Also, have you given any consideration to what sort of Sympathy Traits the Daughters are likely to prize?

Thanks for your suggestion. But i see them making evocations/incantatations with their spells, because that Evocation should be their Method.
The Sympthy traits are easy, they are chtonic so they are related to deaath, dakness and earth-like dark faeries, and of course some faerie ghosts; many of them would have caves and some Chtonic sympathy, and they possibly have with ill and misfortune too. The Negatives should be te opposed things: Light, Sun, Fire and things like that.