Requesting input on new character sheets

Howdy, folks!

So I'll be starting my first 5e saga within the next few months, and thus I updated my home-brewed character sheets from their 4e versions. Of course this ended up requiring a nearly complete redesign. After 'finishing', I thought I'd solicit some opinions more expert than my own.

Without further ado, for your perusal and critique:
Magi Sheet
Companion Sheet

Fillable form versions of both sheets, with extended features enabled (you can save them!), Acrobat Reader 9+ required.

What's missing? What should go? What sucks? etc.

Yes, I replaced 'Artes Liberales' with 'Humanities' and 'Philosophiae' with 'Philosophy' to make things a smidgen easier on the 4-5 new players.

Put score on the left like this : 3 Parma Magica (Mentem) 30, that one's a killer IMHO.
You only need 1 incapacitated box.

I'll give that a try and see how it looks.

From the text in the core rules, I was under the impression one could have more than one Incapacitating Wound. However, I'm still pretty new to the 5e rules.


Made a change to the Abilities section of both the Magi Sheet and Companion Sheet, as suggested by Tugdual.

I think I like this lay out a little better.

I really like how you've formatted the Arts section. Very useful!

Yes, you are right. I just reread it and all Incapacitating Wounds become Heavy Wounds once you recover from Incapacitated. You still need to know that you are down and how many times you've failed to recover, but there's no need for Incapacitating Wound boxes.

I see.
I'll keep them on the sheet, at the very least because we'll (my players and I) want something to help us remember things between sessions (we'll only be playing every other week for about 4-5 hours, so mnemonic devices are a must!).

Thanks for the input!

"ageing" => aging? :slight_smile:


Both are correct. 'ageing' is more British, while 'aging' is more American/Canadian. However, since is says 'Aging' in the book (my copy, at least, and yours as well, apparently), I'll change the sheets to match. I had to add the asterisks next to the Language slots that I'd somehow missed anyway, so why not. :stuck_out_tongue:


However, I cannot take complete credit for the idea, it's a modification of a layout I lifted from an old friend's 3e character sheet.

Oh i learned something today :smiley:

Exar, who genuinely thought it was a spelling mistake ^^

I don't have any particular advice about the character sheets (I'm too wedded to using Metacreator, which does all the work for me) but I wanted to wish you luck with your new saga.

At the risk of derailing your discussion, have you worked out which Tribunal you're using?

No problem, derail away!

I'm setting the saga in the Provencal Tribunal. I'm planning on basing a good portion of the saga on the events of the old 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' saga book. Starting date is to be the spring of 1195. The idea is to give the players 2 years to meet the locals and get the covenant in some semblance of order before the next tribunal, where they'll present their charter for approval. After that, they'll have another 7 years of relative peace to build their strength and learn the game before the next tribunal, where things start to get really interesting.

Oh, cool. I have a soft spot for that book. I seem to remember it always being present when I ran a third edition saga at uni some... erm... number of years ago. Never actually ran the story itself so why we always had it out I do not know.

Have fun and let us know how it goes.


Thanks! I'm sure I'll be hitting up the forum with questions as the game progresses.

Final version... HAHAH!

Yet another update to the Magi Sheet.

Added Form Bonus and Magic Resistance boxes to the Arts Matrix.

I've been dreading it, but I knew it was going to happen. Some of my friends have requested fillable form versions of my sheets...
So, here they are.


These have extended features enabled, allowing Acrobat Reader 9+ to save the filled sheets, therefore they require the use of Acrobat Reader 9+ in order to save the sheets.

If you find any bugs, please report them, thanks!

Searching for new (better than the official one) character sheets for my second 5h edition saga, I took a look on yours.

First I have to say the Arts table seems quite handy and the overall design seems really fine to me, clear and pleasant to see. :smiley:

If you are looking for feedback, here are the points I would change for my group (but it might not suit yours) :

  • the laboratory score is not that useful in the arts matrix as we would use it less than we would rewrite it when the arts change
  • I prefer Artes Liberales (or at least the more modern "Liberal Arts" still in use in some american schools) to Humanities as Latin names adds some flavour, especially for words that look like their translation in English (or French for us)
  • there is place for only one profession, whereas some characters may have two (maybe three?), for instance Apothecary and Scribe
  • as most characters don't use many abilities, I usually prefer having only empty slots in which we add the ones they paid xp for

Finally, would you be so kind as to provide us the source file for the PDF edition? We could then edit it for our peculiar needs.

Thank you!

We've also noticed that's true. Luckily, some of us are book-keepy enough to actually enjoy that fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, but we've decided to restrict Latin usage at the table strictly for magical uses.

Yep, that's an issue too, but that's also why I left some blanks. Also, in the newer version that I will upload shortly, there is one more Profession slot.

In my experience with 5e, people tend to spread their abilities out more than in previous editions. Our group prefers to have all the skills listed on the sheet, with blank slots left over for extras. People like it because it reminds them of skills they can use untrained and of those they want to learn later. Also, having the skills already on the sheet cuts down on writing during character creation, which is a psychological factor in determining whether some people like a game more or less. But I personally tend to prefer blank slots, myself.

The source files are in Microsoft Word 2007 format, and they require specific fonts to retain layout, but if you want them, here you go: Magi and Companion.