Resistance for the Vitkir

I don't have my Hedge magic book handy, but I don't recall seeing that they had any of the limited magic resistance that Hedge Wizards are allowed. Does anyone know what they have available to them?

I can't find a page reference at the moment, but I distinctly recall reading that Vitkir have no Magic Defenses per se and typically wear items inscribed with protective runes (since Rune Magic is longlasting, this seems acceptable to me).

EDIT: The second paragraph of the "The Runes" section (page 127) states that the vitkar use the rune guidelines to generate defensive effects, but doesn't go into any specifics about how. I'll keep looking though...

It sounds like they can produce effects then that are similar to fast cast defenses with spontaneous magic. OK, that works. Thanks.

The Hedge Magic book stresses very thoroughly that none of the traditions in the book have magical resistance.

Yet it also tells us that hedge traditions have magical defenses much like the form based resistance bonuses provided by the hermetic arts. Most of the described traditions have them. The Rune casters (and possibly the nightwalkers) are exceptions to this.

That is vastly different from magical resistance, however. MR stops any magic cold and prevents it from affecting the magus.

Magical defense add to soak, defenses, etc, but will not eliminate or push away the magic.

It was certainly never my intention to imply otherwise.

Ah, sorry then. Might have misread the tone ^^