Resolving twilight fairly

Hi folks,

In my current saga Twilight is a pretty rare thing, but I'm concerned about resolving twilight stuff 'fairly' - in terms of the benefits/flaws given.

Currently, after the comprehension roll, I roll a d10 and work it out like this.

1 - 4 - A spell to do with the situation or their gift.

5 - 8 XP in a related art to the situation or their gift.

8 - 10 - new virtue/flaw (Roll again if not enough warping gained to get a virtue.)

How do you resolve twilight benefits/Flaws?

Usually the troupe tries to come up with something that seems sensible given the circomstances of the Twilight episodes, and then we vote on the suggestions.
Very often, there's only really one suggestion, the others having been withdrawn.

We give out xps only rarely, since it feel bland.
Similarly, we probably hand out virtues more often than we should, but they're more fun, and changes things more.