reveal the ocean’s secrets numbers wrong?!

I found the reveal the ocean’s secrets item from MoH 77 interesting as spell for my new solo play character as he can go up to lvl 20 In spells. But when I look at the numbers its clear that something must have gone wrong how they calculated it.

Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +2 Size, +1 Complexity; +1 2/day, +3 trigger can never end in just 19
what make me wonder where they did go wrong?
In the errata I also couldn't find a fix and because I had a long break I'm not sure in my rule knowledge any more.

That is a serious error deserving an erratum.

But it is probably too late. So every owner of the book better fix the adding mistake alone: InAq 34 (instead of InAq19) effect level.

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There is a tricky issue with the effect level of Reveal the Ocean's Secrets: the 3 magnitudes for Size and T: Part.
It is an Intellego effect, hence Target Size (see ArM5 p.113 box Targets and Sizes) should not be an issue. But "the ocean" is an extremely huge Individual: so the argument is valid, that sensing all its "motions, speed, and boundaries" would overwhelm a caster's mind. While localizing the effect by adding Size and T: Part adds those 3 magnitudes that are missed in the level of the effect.

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Thanks One Shot so one can also argue that the +1 from part alone could be enough. At last it should be enough to sense if the is shallow water ahead and such things.