It occurred to me that my magus with Rigid magic may not be as restricted as i once thought.

Rigid magic means you can't use vis in spells, so mainly this means no rituals.

However, when i put some thought into this (well after choosing it as a flaw) it occured to me that the only rituals we have ever cast in our saga are either healing spells to instantly heal wounds, or the yearly Aegis.

We simply have never used other rituals.

Does anyone else have a similar situation or are you all throwing rituals out all over the place. And if you do use rituals beyond these, what ones do you use?

Those 2 are the most common ones. And lately (5th edition) only the aegis, sinhce we, like almost everybody I have seen online) have invested in the Infirmary of Healing Doom with a hefty constant healing effect. Healing spells got nerfed in ArM5, so there you go. We still use our version of chirurgeon's healing touch, but that is it.

Other rituals we have used (in this and previous sagas) are:

  • hiding spells for the covenant. MuIm in the current saga to appear as rock spike, the MuMe level 40 spell in previous games. Cast once each
  • Conjuring the mystic tower. Repeated use of this one, but never more than twice per year. Once every few decades when the covenant is already in place.
  • Bountiful feast and its herbam version as well
  • The riches that are rightfully mine(d): animal versions for ermine fur and sheep's wool instead of straight silver coins. Do not disrupt the local economy so much.

And I think that is it. The vis also affects you being unable to cast boosted spells, but that is minor. I can't recall now if it is minor or major fflaw, but IMO should be minor given the few limits it places on a character. You need to rely in others for some of your spells, but that is about it.



My magi has used Conjuring the Mystical Tower and and another ritual of his own devising so far, which summons a 600 pound sphere of solid gold.

I eventually hope to have some of the rituals that boost up your stats, self improvement is nice :slight_smile:

Tell a lie, we have cast Conjuring the mystic tower. ot sure how i forgot that one given that we have 6 of them in the covenant now.