Rival Magic Contents Ready for "Proofing"

Hi there. I just uploaded the Table of Contents for RIval Magic. It's going to press tomorrow, so if you happen to see anything that needs correcting on it tonite, please post it here before noon so I can fix it. Thanks much!

atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... ntents.pdf



Yay, looks like it'll be out this year after all! :smiley:

I imagine spell checkers are as much hassle as help when it comes to Ars Magica books :slight_smile:

I notice that the Augustan Brotherhood lists its bibliography in the table of contents and the others don't. That's hardly a big deal but it caught my eye.

Thanks for putting this up!

All the book is ok to me, great book.

The Augustans are the only ones with an actual bibliography. Usually I combine them all and put it as one big bib at the end, but since they're the only ones I left it in their entry this time. Thanks for noticing, though! :slight_smile: