RL Summa on Combat

Here it comes.

A little later than the period of the game (XVth century document, translated) but still useful. Loads of images of actual fighting manoeuvres. What level and quality would tyou apply to such a summa? :wink:

scribd.com/doc/6498917/Medie ... -Talhoffer



This is Awesome!! Thanx Xavi!

Talhoffer - a classic! And it may look familiar, because the artwork/etchings have been stolen to adorn the pages of more than one RPG.

Awesome find on the 'net!

points and laughs at their shoes :laughing:

A good overview of surviving RL Summa on Combat is here:


Especially the I.33 - German Sword & Buckler Manual.
Oldest known European fencing manuscript of c. 1295!

The Fiore Dei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum includes Fighting on Horse:

Be aware of the forums related to medieval swordmanship and interpretation of the old Fencing Manuals:
You about to enter a realm with strong beliefs, neverending feuds and crusades.

The two "fighting school" traditions that have the most extensive remaining treaties nowadays are the German and Italian.
Johannes Lichtenauer and Fiore dei Liberi might be considered the "authorities" of those respective schools for Ars Magica purposes, but they are one to two centuries later than ArM canon dates.