Robes of weapon immunity

Why do you need a constant effect???

Make it a twice a day item, with duration Sun. Use the item at need, or when out of your sanctum/covenant...



The crafty paranoiac, however, might consider the use of an environmental trigger. The trigger, of course, being "swords/arrows/daggers/etc. are speeding towards me." (Depending on your interpretation of environmental trigger, you may need InTe spells in the enchanted object to detect swords/arrows/daggers/etc. Details, details...)

great replies all. How I got the base is like so:

Under Rego Herbam (pg 138) it says its level 4 to deflect 1 attack. Repel the Wooden Shafts shows this. The main issue I had was how to get it to affect everything. That was the +2 magnitudes at the end, not sure if that's enough though.

For the Achille's hill portion of it, that's definitely a problem (but who said magic was perfect?). Robes would be the best option, it offers the most coverage and if you put up the hood and have long sleeves there's little to no target. If you really wanted to you could enchant or cast similar spells on gloves, boots, and a mask or scarf.

The possibility that it would repel nonweapons is a definite problem. To try and resolve that, I'd add an Intellego requisite and 1 more magnitude for the specialized effect. If it's actually an enchanted item you might make 1 effect to detect attacks and then have second effect triggered to repel the attacks.

So... for the protection that keeps the terrible metal weapons away and doesn't give you that not-so-unwarped feeling we have:

The Robe that Laughs at Blades:
A lesser enchantment:
ReTe 40 (Base 5, +2 Sun, +2 metal, +1 subtlety [the ward faces out from the robe only], +1 complexity [the ward keeps metal 1 foot from the robe], +2levels 3/day, +3levels Environmental trigger--sunrise/sunset)

The robe keeps all metal outside of the robe at least one foot away from the robe. An extremely well placed shot might "thread the needle" and hit the wearer in face, but that shot would need to be outrageously well delivered dead-straight on to the head without ever crossing the plane of the outlying effect. It is the storyguide's discretion as to what attack advantage represents such a blow, but one might suggest at least +40

This allows it to be made from cloth (1 base point) and be a full robe (Huge, x5 multiplier) like a Franciscan robe. I'd consider having lead thread inlayed along the hood, for another s/m bonus.

You'd have shape and material bonuses of:

+4 protect self
+4 wards

If you had arts of Re 10 and Te 10, MT of 8, an Int +2, in an aura of 3, and a decent lab +1... for a 42 lab total-- if you don't know a related spell... you'd be busy for a while. Knowing a similar spell, the personal version would give you a +5 to +7 bump, depending on the complexity, and you could experiment for another +1-13...

It doesn't look like an item you'll expect to find on a junior magus, unless he traded with a capable Verditius for it.


I think the book is pretty strict on environmental triggers only detecting allround changes in the magical environment, such as the sun cycle or changes in Aura.

We've had this conversation before.
It would probably make a good entry on the "suggested errata" thread.

The short version is, yes, that's what ArM5 says, but the core book isn't consistent with published uses of environmental trigger in the 5th edition supplements, which seem to allow environmental triggers to be used far more broadly. (Consider the "Fire Guardian" in the Semita Errabunda write-up and "The Crystal of a Hundred Candles" from Guardians of the Forest.)

I anticipated your objection, though.

Returning to the subject at hand, however, I like the idea of putting the weapon-ward spell into a magus' talisman. If the object triggers off the approach of weapons (detected by an InTe spell, if necessary), you can make sure that the magus is completely warded (so no Achilles' face) during only those times when the magus needs to be completely warded (so no Warping).

I built something like this under 4th edition Ars. I have yet to update it. In addition to tossing on the immunity spells as discussed in the thread, I used rules included in the Parma Fabula Screen to essentially reinforce the robe itself increase it's soak score and requireing botch rolls to tear it. So if a magic attack actually penetrates the immunity spell, it also needs to pentrate the increased soak score. The increased soak score also accomodates a variety of mundane attacks that might slip through.

It was a by the book gross munchkin project. I'm such a stickler and yet I went and made it anyway. When I introduced the cloak to my troupe I think they were both impressed and frustrated with me. Eh, serves them right for all the things they try to get away with. LOL. If I ever update to Ars 5 I'll have to rebuild it. Maybe I'll make cover the cloak in pink dots.....

I was giving some thought to this issue, so I cast Shadow of Life Renewed on the thread, since I realized that with some tailor customization, this kind of enchanted item could be very useful and made essentially foolproof, and indeed become almost as widespread and precious to mages, as talismans ?

Instead of using a vanilla robe, which would leave face, hands, and feet unprotected, what about using a two-piece tight-fitting whole-body cloth ? I mean, you prepare a pair of breeches that cover the feet also, and a corset with sleeves and hood that has gloves sewn to the back of the sleeves, and a face-mask sewn to the hood ? This way, the mage has but to put on the gloves and the mask, and all of his body is protected, but the magus suffers no warping.

Alternatively, the same enchantment could be put in a vanilla robe, with a different range: Personal, to cover the robe, which would leave the face, hands, and feet, unprotected, to use in relatively safe circumstances, and Touch, to ward all of the body, to activate in combat.

Lastly, what about putting in additional Requisites, to ward against additional mundane hazards ? He, Te, and Ig are the obvious baseline, to ward against wood, metal, stone, and fire. Aq could allow to keep the mage dry, and immune to sinking, and ward off acids. An could bar animal claws, horns, and even stampedes, of mundane animals. Co would stop bare-handed attacks of mundane humans. An and Co would have to be de-activated in order to allow the mage to ride, or touch animals or humans. Re He (Te, Ig) Sun is 35. One can put another couple of requisites in. Which ones would you use ?

In fact, the Societates book ha ssomething similar already: the Robes of Dusty Dawn of the exmisc (columbae tradition) create a "ring" around the hem of the robe (that are quite big, I tell you) that protects anything inside the hem.


Except, of course, the previous Prima who wore them :wink:

Having re-read the description of the robes, I have to agree with you. OTOH, if you follow my guideline, you only have to order a custom-made two-piece cloth set from the covenant tailor, put in a 35-45 lvl Personal enchantment, and you have the ultimate armor, fully safe from most or all but one Form mundane hazards, using vanilla Re ward effects. You only have to give up the loose robe clothing style and go for something more tight-fitting. The perfect complement to the Parma.

Here comes SuperMagus :laughing: (sorry, couldn't resist, I pictured this, and... :laughing: )

Faster than a speeding crossbow bolt, More powerful than an Ancient Dragon, Able to leap tall church spires in a single bound...

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MAGUSMAN!!!!! :wink:

Well, tight-fitting pantyhose-like pants were in-period, and sewing a hood, gloves, and cloth mask to a long-sleeved shirt is not that complex, even for a Middle Ages tailor. It's nowhere like wearing robes is part of the Code, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this maybe? :laughing:

(Not that this ain't a viable idea, but I'm still stuck on the magus-in-spandex picture :wink:)

Looks like Bonisagus on acid!! LOL

I love it!! :smiley:

i hope my players will never find this thread...I really hope... :wink:

the obvious solution is to have your magus wear a hoop dress and use a ring duration ward :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well, something like it, indeed, adding a face mask of course. Note that while actual spandex material is way-beyond ArM technology, a cloth that covers the whole body is quite manageable, and can be developed by adapting clothing styles for the most cold climates, and working to simplyfing it down to a two-pieces suit, to spare on time and vis to enchant it. Also note that you can wear the enchanted cloth armor suit under robes, if you are really stuck on Latin style.

Which is stuck in one place, while a personal ward on clothing is movable.

In this thread, we've devised the all-purpose hermetic armored vest. Woot 8)