Ronan An T Eigse Measceal

The character is 30 points short on abilities and arts, and needs improved characteristics as he has 10 points in characteristics. this will still leave him with 1 more point if flaws than virtues, which is legal but sub-optimal.

You might not be counting the +1 Sta from strong Ettin Blood. And the V/F count seems right, 2 majors, 2 minors with each. Don’t forget the “free” major flaw for being Ex Misc.

Abilities I’ll leave to the player to sort.

And Giant's Blood! + 1Sta + 1 Str

The characteristic count seems right to me: +2 + 2 +3(+1 GB) +4(+1 GB, +1 SFB) -3 +1 0 0, that's 7 Starting - 3 - 3 -3 -3 +6 -1 = 0.

And V/F count also seems correct: Ex Misc +1 Minor (Aff He), + 1 Major (SFB) + 1 Major Flaw (Def Perdo)
V: 1 Major(EM), 1 Major(GB), 2 minor
F: 1 Major(TP), 1 Major(PBSE), 2 minor

I did forget to stack the etin's blood with giant blood, and apparently my virtue count was skewed by a typo...
on the other hand going through the spreadsheet again I realized I had not accounted for the affinities in the arts, which means he has 66 more points to spend on abilities and arts...

given hi elemental magic it does not make sense for him to have terram at 10 and ignem, aurum, and aq at 0, you might want to put some of those points in those...

the extra str / stam were from the 2 Major Virtues, sorry if that wasn't more clear.

I invested the missing 66 points into his Arts, since that appeared to be where he was lacking the most.

Okay, when I went to update my version, I found that rea that should have been equations in my spreadsheet were not- I was rushing and messed up, and in fact where I thought he was 66 points shy he was 55 points over...
the point that he should have points into all 4 elements however does remain, given the way that virtue works.

so i need to shed, 121 points? did you remember to take into account the virtues that make Herbum and Terram cheaper? I will see what i can do

I did.

ok, updated again. This should be correct taking into account my Virtues (Skilled parens, Strong Faerie Blood (gives second sight 1 and Second Sight for free) and my affinities)

okay, I have made some serious botches in looking at this character up to now, and for that I apologize.


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Thank you! And don't worry about it, I know you have a lot to do.