RoP:M Transforming Qualities

I suspect that this is a seasonal activity, but it doesn't say explicitly.

Does anyone disagree?


Um. I would say that it's similar to Adventure XP. It doesn't take time and you can do it alongside a lab or business activity, but it does count as your XP for the season.

This is a very common house rule regarding adventure XP, but it isn't RAW. I'm in a saga where you can let adventure XP ride until you get to a season where you have lab work.

Now this doesn't address the idea of doing something else in the season alongside, such as lab or business activities, but if you have to spend the season contemplating the adventure and how it impacts your advancement, I don't see how you can do something else in a season AND realize the adventure XP gains.

Treat the transformation how you treat adventure XP in your saga for consistency.

... So can you spend a confidence point on it? and if you eat multiple sets of Vis, can you consolidate the understanding in the single season following?


Studying Vis is still a seasonal activity, so Confidence is not an option.
I assume that's what you were refering to?

I'm not sure what you even mean here??

Yeah, I'm confused, too.

Studying Vis for a magus is a seasonal activity

My question was: Is using Vis to transform the qualities of a being with Might[RoP:M] a seasonal activity? It doesn't say as far as I can tell.

It does, if you read it in context.


Experience points are realized on a seasonal basis, even adventure is supposed to be a seasonal activity, as i pointed out above.
Second, which you quoted earlier

Note it says study source, in that you are studying from it. This process of consuming vis grants experience points, too. Since experience points are realized on a seasonal basis it makes sense that transformation, like contemplating adventure experience, is a seasonal activity. Obviously if you have house ruled adventure xp is realized immediately, or it can be deferred, that changes some of the context of what is possible for your saga. In that case, one has to ask if it seems reasonable or possible that a character with magic might can spend no time, just consume mass quantities of vis and instantly change part of its essential (unchanging, or at least supposedly difficult to change) nature into something else?

The rule doesn't explicitly state that it is a seasonal activity, because it's already part of how all characters are supposed to gain/spend experience: seasonally.

Thanks, I was in agreement with you anyway, I was just playing devil's advocate in case it came up in my saga.