RoP: Magic Errata for Mandrake Root?

The Magical Things chapter of RoP: Magic list a mandrake root as an example creature. It gives the Might as 5 and also the number of pawns of vis it contains as 5. Most other things in the book have a 5:1 ratio of Might to pawns of vis +/-1.

I'm wondering if one of the numbers for the mandrake root is wrong, or if someone knows of a reason for the large difference.

I offer no solution, but rather a further question, also related to the Mandrake.

Being an old timer, I remember the Faeries Revised book (4th ed? Or 3rd???) where a magus could create a Homunculus from a Mandrake root. The Homunculus has some very impressive Art scores and could teach the magus IIRC.
What can the 5th ed thing do?

The mandrake was a very magical thing so having 5 vis is fine.
I cannot tell anything about its Might score I don't have that book.

Scream at you 'till you die from it.
It can be bound as a familiar I believe.

"Homunculi Wizards" is a header on p. 118, RoP: Faeries, if that heps any.

It might, I'll have to look it up when I come home tonight.