[RPG meta] Lifelike: Thirty articles that might interest...

Hmmm, it's no secret that I have an interest in RPG meta. I know many might not give a flying fart about it, but I'll still dare to post what I find to be a very interesting link. I'm not using the General Discusion since this is where the people I enjoy discussing with, and because little but spammers seem to visit or read the General...

There was recently a Nordic/International convention in Denmark called 'Knudepunkt'. It's a venue moving each year from country to country within the Nordic area (but having visitors from all over the world). It is more on meta than actual gaming. Though officially a LARP venue the majority of the discussions and the themes are so broad to be readily usefull to 'word-roleplayers' (aka tabletop) as well. This year a bundle of authors, all experienced LARP and 'word-roleplayers' created a book published at the convention. The book is free for all and available as articles or full download from http://www.liveforum.dk/kp07book/toc.php and it contains intersting articles on many many areas and approaches to roleplaying.

I thought or hoped that some Ars players might find inspiration from them as well. For those with little or no interest in general meta I beg of you your understanding.

And being both meta and free, I hope this doesnt challenge the Atlas ownership of the forum.

Been away from the boards for a while. A lot of material I'm not interested in and a lot of material based on book I have yet to get. There is some interesting material here so wanted to say thanks for the read.

I have yet to read it , but passed it on to one of my friends who has written a few articles for Roleplaying Tips.

Glad to hear that the link might have been to some use.

And nice to have you around again Tuura.