Rule book story

I noticed this last night and have a question about it. The story that runs throughout the main Feng Shui rule book is missing an entire page of text, and what is printed isn't in order. The old Daedalus edition had the story all in one spot in order.
Now as I sarted an errata thread, is it ok for me to post the missing text? The reason I'm asking is that is a lot of text. The way the story text reads is in the Daedalus edition by the way is bellow. (page refrences are for the Atlas Edition.)
January 11 (pg. 4)
February 25 (Missing in the Atlas edition)
May 22 (pg. 162)
May 28 (pg. 200)
June 2 (pg. 75)
July 19 (pg. 190)
August 13 (pg. 60)
September 5 (pg. 108)
October 17 (pg. 116)
November 30 (pg. 126)
December 20 (pg. 172)

The Febuary 25 section deals with 2056.

The new order may well be to make sure the bits of fiction are appropriate for the chapter they head. That might have been the original intention, with a different chapter order, for the Daedalus edition but dropped at one point.

I find this kind of forensic editing fascinating.

The missing portion doesn't really jive with the setting described in Seed of the New Flesh. Perhaps it was pulled to make things more consistant.

The sections as Queex pointed out do match the chapter they are attached to in the Atlas edition.
The Daedalus version had a page of art work that ran with each page of the story. The story was intended to be a narrative that wasn't ment to be connected to just one chapter in the book, from how it is laid out in the Deadalus edition.

The whole "grayness" of 2056 in the Febuary 25 section doesn't fit Seed of the New Flesh as dwightemarsh pointed out. The "greyness" of 2056 was also brought up on the FS mailing list, and this was not a correct depection of 2056 if I recall the posts correctly.

I' m going to post the missing text in the errata thread, most likely.

I'm still trying to track down a copy of 2 of the magazine articles that had Feng Shui stuff in them.