Rule to play chess

i'm wodering this from the (old) time of True Lineages: what kind of rule you use in the game when someone play chess?
Something similar to certamen?

Depends on what dramatic effect you want to achieve. I can see Intelligence combined with a serie sof abilities here.

ANY social activity or artes liberales, really. Intrigue, folk ken, bargain, .... Artes liberales and awareness can also play a part here.

Stuff like chess is used as a narrative ability. We tend to use an intelligence roll to determine who wins, with the social skills et al to unfold the real plot surrounding the game. You rarely remain THAT silent when playing such games. The chatering is the important bit IMS :wink:



Me, I stick to the rules for.... chess :wink:

Okay, joke aside, I've got a very beautiful chess game bought at the British Museum and made as a handcrafted replica of the so-called Lewis Chessmen (if I'm not mistaken there's a drawing of some like them in HoH:TL p. 89). I simply cannot help finding excuses to pull it out (though it already takes a centerpiece position on my shelves) and use it either as a thematic prop to set the scene, as plot prop, or as vis pawn (Redcap vis broker style).

I either let the players play ingame (using authentic rules or go easy by using modern ones) or I cut directly into a scene having already set the board to favourably reflect the skill of the characters or I let the have 'storytelling element' where they tell me how the game will turn out.

In any case it's led to some really interesting scenes with the chess game used as a parable over the ongoing intrigue - with the characters getting a feel of each other through their mutual game ("Ahh, I now know the Lord Baron much better" -the magus/young nobleman picks up a pawn and places it in its lawful position- "he is not one to be slave to the rules, but does not hesitate to break them if within his power and interests....")