Rules Q - current or natural size?

In a saga in which I am about to be an assistant SG, I've designed a character for another player who is size +2.
This means that most corpus spells do not work on her, unless they are designed for a bigger target.

What happens when she is shrunk (to size +1 or smaller)?

Should the spells then work, or should we use the fact that her essential nature is that of a size +2 regardless of temporary effects?

I always assume that Corpus spells did not work on large bodies because they had to affect "more tissue" than they were intended to. The spells do not give much of a thought about the tissue being essential nature or not (a pig converted into human form would be afected by PeCo normally), so I would say that yes, he can be affected by Corpus normally. What he cannot be is affected by permanent (read: ritual) corpus spells. Well, in fact he can, but they will stop working as soon as he turns into his size +2 again.

If you allow only essential nature thingyes, you enter into a slippery slope: would a boulder turned into wood not burn? Would a tree turned to stone not sink in the water? :slight_smile:

You could also consider that a "causes a medium wound" spell could cause a light wound on a size +2 character. It is something I have been considering for our sagas. The same spell could also cause more damage into tinny (read: size -2, children) beings causing a heavy would instead. Some food for thought :slight_smile:


So if you healed her at a shrunken size, she suddenly becomes wounded again once back at normal size?

It´s a good idea probably, possibly at least.

I say it works. As stated, a rock turned wood DOES burn, so apparently essential nature isn´t the full story.

We play that it is the current size that is relevant. So, if you shrink a +2(or larger) character to size +1 (or smaller) then she can be affected by conventionally sized corpus effects. The reverse applies too. If you enlarge a conventional sized character to +2 (or larger) then conventionally sized corpus effects will not affect him.

Ah, true about healing. Been a while since we had big guys in our saga, even if gruagachan have been kickin' some butt around :slight_smile:

I do not have a definitive answer there. In fact I don't recall what I was thinking whewn I talked about the ritual spells. I basically wanted to mean continuous duration spells, I guess :slight_smile: So, if you cast a "skin turns blue" spell on the guy, he would go back to his natural color when he reverts back to size +2 even if the Sun duration "smurf" spell has not expired yet. Permahealing could work. We do not use vis in our healing spells anymore (only stabilization and bonuses to recovery check spells), so that passed under my radar.


Oh, well then i fully agree.

Thank you all. Your views are very helpful.

And, astonishingly, everyone seems to be in general agreement!


I've played that a man turned into a pig (I know its the reverse of the example) is affected by both An and Co spells, even while a pig. This is because the MuCo guideline indicates that Co spells still affect the target when transformed. The difference is Bjornaer magi, who must affect the An only, and Co spells won't work.

And yup, if the target is now size +1, then the normal spells would work imho.